Short Code in Jaipur

Short Code Jaipur

Short code or short number is a 5-6 digit number to send and receive SMS to and from mobile phones. It is mainly used for lead generation to provide information on demand, polling/voting in events or reality shows. Short codes numbers are those remembered easily so that clients can remember and contact you promptly when you want. Short codes start with 5 to 6 digit numbers for example 565656, 575757 etc. It allows you to support a lot of campaigns that provides you the required information related to your customers to help you with the targeting efforts. Bulk sms in Jaipur provides short code service in Jaipur offers you cheapest and enormous service which fast delivery to your client.

Short codes are two types: vanity and shared short code. Vanity code is assigned for only one purpose and it cannot be shared for other services. Shared code also known as random code. It is assigned for entire business and also share among several users. Short codes are very effective as 30SMS are sent per second and the information that is required is passed on within a fraction of seconds. As it does not consume a lot of time so it is used by most of the organizations.

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